Premise 2018 || Week 6 'A Boy and his Shadow' Current Works in Progress

Script Revision 4:

The title is still in debate, I was looking to echo some other creature films (ex. The Babadook, E.T) by naming the animation after the monster featured. I think this is suitable, especially if I consider the core being 'An unlikely Friendship', in which a hopeful friendship breaks down after the child realises the nature of the monster dwelling within his computer. More directly related is the idea of 'a child stuck in his room playing with a computer'.

Main Character
The main character is a child, with an androgynous look.

The Antagonist

The appearances of this particular monster needs to be moderated. Like 'Noh Face' from the film Spirited Away, it hold the capability to be dangerous through its shape shifting ability, so to hold a metaphysical existence in the same way might be best, but I must be aware of the audiences perception of the plot for this to be feasible. It might be that by denying the antagonist, the animation could change its meaning entirely, because the story is about the antagonist in the same way it is about the child using the computer.

Reference List
Lists the amounts of internet users per country: https://www.internetworldstats.com/top20.htm
Discussion around Female Pedophiles: https://theconversation.com/women-also-sexually-abuse-children-but-their-reasons-often-differ-from-mens-72572

Sexual Suitability by Age: http://www.stopitnow.org/ohc-content/what-is-age-appropriate



Autodesk Maya Jetpack Jones Tutorials Part 3: Body Blocking

initial torso block with limited polygons to support the basic shape of the figure
Putting in the new edge loops to support the neck and arms.

More geometry is added to even out the shading of the model; it is best to keep the edges as equal in size as possible, especially for the rigging stage.