Autodesk Mudbox || Pepper Practise and Fruit Bowl

Experimentation within the program Mudbox lends itself to the creation of complex surfaces using many vertices and it is possible to create UV maps using this program, making it a good way to streamline work. A downside could be the number of vertices involved in mesh creation that tends to take up a lot of processing power, however it is possible to export a normal map from the model, which helps to decrease process time.


Life Drawing || Charcoal Storyboard

I took the opportunity here to practise drawing fabrics using the reverse 'v' technique, as the figure we were referencing had a shirt and shorts on for a change. It worked well on a basic level, and i hope to apply it to my illustrations in time, perhaps to improve their overall quality or to further manipulate into more suggestive shapes.


Character Design Workshop 'Chameleonaire' Villain Concept for Danger Mouse (2015)

Chameleonaire is the eccentric billionaire CEO of Gate House Recording Studios, a music production company that also acts as a headquarters for criminal activity. He has no teeth due to a sugar addiction, and so wears a gold and diamond studded grill on his mouth, this hasn't stopped him eating copious amounts of sweets, however.

Toolkit 2 || Check In

Maya Head Model

Lighting and Rendering 2 Exercises
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Weightlifting Moom (Youtube)

Collaboration Animation Contribution

Character Design Workshop Production Bible (Scribd)

Life Drawing (scribd)


Autodesk Maya || Lighting and Rendering Tutorials: Part 4

Arnold Part 8: HDR Images

Arnold Part 9: Sky Dome Light

Arnold Part 10: Stylised External Lighting

Arnold Part 11: Standard Surface Shader

Arnold Part 12: Toon Shader

Arnold Part 13: Geometry Override Sets

Autodesk Maya || Lighting and Rendering Tutorials: Part 3

Arnold Part 6: Light Filters


Barn Door and Light Decay:

Light Blocker:

Arnold Part 7: Stylised Internal Lighting


EXR (Converted into JPEG)